1. Description for All Game Items

We have a complete list of all of the types of items in the game and what you can do with the items. We even cover topics like clothes combining and all the weird Mageia and Goetia items.


2. Problems Installing or Starting Game

Having trouble installing the game client on your PC? Having an issue getting the client to start or connect to the server?


3. Problems With Your Account

Your login no longer works? You get a message saying that your account is restricted? How about an error saying that you have to contact a GM! :)


4. Problems with Graphics or Performance

Are you getting weird graphic anomalies, slow response, or jerky swing bar. We've got tips to speed up the response of the game.


5. Problems Buying CC or Item Mall Problems

Have a look here if you are having issues with purchasing CC or buying items from the web or in-game Item Mall.


6. Guild Administration

Tips and problem answers for all things guild related, like guild administration, guild levels, couponing, and guild house levels.


7. Game Play Tips, Test Reviews, Club Comparisons

Which driver is longest? What is the purpose of Stamina? Answers to many of your questions about playing equipment and how the game works.


8. A_In_NS Videos

Four types of videos for you to watch— hole strategies, club tests, playing tips, and demo's of proposed features for the game.

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