Game Items

Introduction (read first)

Most of the items discussed herein provide extra stats or extra EXP. No item is better than any other when it comes to offering extra stats or EXP. A stat is a stat is a stat, whether it comes from your club, your extra fittings, your clothes, your ball, a stat drink, or whatever. They are all identical in terms of their effect on shot performance. For example, a ball might offer +4 skill stats and these skill stats will have exactly the same affect when hitting a club as adding 4 skill stats from leveling or fitting +4 skill stats to the club.

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If you use an inventory extension ticket (Wallet or Bag), you will gain access to a single Accessory slot, in addition to the extra inventory slots provided by the wallet or bag extension ticket. You can place a +2 stat Accessory in this slot. The Accessory provides the +2 stats while playing and its durability decreases with each hole played. The types of Accessory items include Sunglasses (+2 Skill), Sun Cap (+2 Impact) and Scarf (+2 Power).


Avatars provide increased stats and extra EXP bonus. They are available in various levels, with increasing stats and EXP bonus. For example, a level 10 Avatar provides +21 stats and +35% EXP.

Use Alt-E to access the Avatar window. You will see 3 Avatar slots. You can have only one active Avatar. There is no practical reason to load an Avatar into one of the other 2 reserve slots. In fact, this can be dangerous— if you were to switch to an Avatar in one of the other slots, your prior active Avatar would be removed from the system!

Avatars of the same level are available in different stat combinations. For example, a Level 10 - P power Avatar provides 15 Power stats, 3 Skill stats, and 3 Impact stats. There are also Level 10 - S skill and Level 10 - I Impact types.

Avatar duration is measured in days. A typical avatar card is for 14 days and can be extended with Avatar Extension Tickets, although doing so costs more than the Avatar, unless it is a level 10 avatar you are extending.

The name of an Avatar is not important. For example, there is no difference between a Level 10-I Paula Creamer avatar and a Level 10-I K.J. Choi avatar.

You can choose, in the Alt-E window to turn of the Avatar appearance (e.g., the likeness of K.J.Choi). Turning off the appearance returns your character to its normal appearance and does not affect the stat and EXP bonus of the Avatar.

Avatar Extension Tickets

These tickets extend the duration of an active avatar by either 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or 14 days. To use an Avatar Extension Ticket, simply right-click it while it is in your inventory and you will be prompted to use it against your active avatar.

Avatar VIP Cards

These "VIP Card" avatars that can NOT be extended using Avatar Extension Tickets.

The provide extra stats and EXP bonus, but they are only good for 7 days, after which time, you would need to equip another VIP Card.

Avatar Card Book AvatarCardBook.png

This is a box that, when opened, will give you a level 8, level 9, or level 10 avatars, or a 7 or 14 day avatar extension ticket.


Golf balls come in 3 types: 2-piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece. The type determines how the ball reacts to spin, how long it lasts (its durability), and how far it hits.

4-piece balls hit the farthest (a few extra yards). They react to spin similar to 3-piece.

3-piece balls spin more (i.e., stop more quickly) than 2-piece.

2-piece balls are longer than 3-piece, but shorter than 4-piece. Most players use 2-piece balls.

There are many brands of balls. Each brand provides different stats and EXP bonus. Most balls provide no EXP bonus.

The brand or color of a ball has no effect on its performance. The only factors affecting performance are the number of stats it provides and its basic type (e.g., 2-piece).

Most balls have a durability of 100, 250, or 500. For nearly all balls, this durability is decreased by -1 for every 3 shots or for each OB/water hazard. So, if you had a set of 100 durability balls, and never hit a shot OB, it would last for 300 shots.

There are many, many types of 2pc, 3pc, and 4pc balls that provide +4 stats. The only balls that provide +5 stats are the eLord balls, but they are available only in a 2pc version.


Boxes are the principal means of releasing highly desirable game items. Box sales occur as often as every week. All of the expensive items in the game are available only through boxes or the auction house.

Examples of boxes released through sales are: VIP Box, Pleta Box, Fashion Box, and Theurgia Box.

The cheaper boxes, such as Lucky Box and Gold Box, may be available at all times in the Item Mall, but they contain very few desirable items.

Change Tickets

Change Ticket - Clubs
This ticket allows you to change the character type of a club. For example, if you are a Wotan character, you could purchase a Camila club and change it to a Wotan club. You can change a club to any character type, not just your own character type. Club changing is done at NPC Salvador.

Clubs can be changed as long as they are (a) tradable and (b) full durability.

Change Ticket - Clothes
This ticket allows you to change the character type of an item of clothing or of a costume, as long as the item is tradable. Clothes type changing is done at NPC Fricka.
Guild name change ticket
This item allows a Guild Master to change the name of a guild.
Character name change ticket
This item will allow you to change your character name to another name of your choice, but there are a few things you should check before doing this:
  • You must remove any items for sale/bid (both old and new) from the Auction or you will lose the items!
  • If you are in the middle of taking a test or have passed a test, but not yet gained your new title, do not use a name change ticket until you have the new title, otherwise your test information will be lost! For example, if you have passed 2 out of 4 Graduation Tests and change your name, the system will reset your player to 0/4 passed. If you take the Semi-Pro test on Saturday and score well enough to have passed, but change your name on Sunday before the titles are awarded on Monday, your player will not get the new title when everyone else does.


Depending on the type, clothing can provide stats, increased practice density multiplier, sockets for pins, and even increased EXP in the case of combined clothing sets.

Practice Density

Practice Density increases with every hole you play. By default, it increases only by +1 for each hole. If you were to wear 4 pieces of Practice Density clothing, it would increase by +5 for each hole. When Practice Density reaches 2,000 you will receive a 2x EXP and 2x NG bonus for 20 holes. As you play the 20 holes, you will see the Practice Density counter decrease by 100 for each hole you play, until it hits zero. Once at zero, it restarts the cycle of increasing the Practice Density for each hole you play.

The UV clothing because very popular because it was the first release of clothing that had +1 Practice Density. Wearing 4 pieces of UV clothing, for example, will have a player hitting the full 2,000 Practice Density in only 400 holes (+4 on clothing and the +1 normal PD a player gets).

Clothes Combining (into sets)

The Set Clothes Combining System allows players to trade-in 2 pieces of combinable clothing of the same type (i.e., 2 hats, 2 pants) to receive one new piece of "Set" clothing. You cannot combine a hat with a shirt, a shirt with a pants, etc. This system is accessed through NPC Fricka.

When you combine 2 bits of combinable clothing (e.g., 2 gloves), the resulting glove is also one that gives +1 Practice Density (known as UV).

You can also buy clothing that is already combined. Any combined item has a bright green border. If there is no bright green border, it is not a combined piece of clothing.

Note that this form of combining, into Sets, this is not related whatsoever to the "Clothes Combining Ticket", which is discussed in a separate section below.

The benefits of Set clothing begin only when you are wearing 2 or more pieces of Set clothing, such as say, a Set glove and a Set shirt. To get 2 such pieces of Set clothing, you would have combined 2 combinable gloves and 2 combinable shirts.

The benefits of wearing 2 or more pieces of Set clothing are as follows:

2 pieces +1 Skill stat
3 pieces +1 more Skill stat
4 pieces +1 more Skill stat, 10% EXP bonus, +1 Practice Density
5 pieces all stats +1 (in addition to the +3 Skill), 30% EXP bonus, +2 Practice Density

Any type of combined clothing can add to a set. You can wear a combined Gorgeous Hat, a combined Fashionable Glove, a combined Coolish Pants… whatever. As long as they are items that were combined, they add to your set benefits. You can't combine together different types, but you can wear any of the types together to get combined benefits.

You can combine any of the types of combinable clothes. For example, you can combine 2 hats no matter if the hats are Fashionable, Gorgeous, Coolish, or Fancy.

When you combine the recently released 'Fancy' clothes with the other types of combinable clothes — Coolish, Fashionable, or Gorgeous — you get a different combined result that has 4 Skill and 1 Power. This is a new feature. Combining other types without using a Fancy piece results in a piece of clothing with 3 Power and 2 Skill.

There are two basic types of combinable clothes: normal and "M" type. The M type has +1 more stat than the non-M type. You can wear both types, M and non-M, and still receive the benefits listed above for wearing multiple items.

You cannot combine a non-M type with an M type. However, you can combine any brand (e.g., Gorgeous) of non-M piece with any other brand (e.g., Fashionable) of non-M piece (i.e., 2 brands of non-M gloves). For example, you can combine a non-M Gorgeous shirt with a non-M Fashionable short. The same is true for the M type clothing: you can combine any brand of M type with any other brand of M type.

Note that the KP version is the only version that will come from combining 2 items of combinable clothing. KP clothes are +2 Power, +3 Skill for the non-M type and +3 Power, +3 Skill for the M type.

Note as well, with prices coming down, that the combined clothing has a very high trade-in value at NPC Fricka, so prices should never go below the trade-in values. The type M clothing has a trade-in value of 700 million NG and the non-M clothing has a trade-in value of 500 million NG.

A clothing item (e.g., pants) that is combined is shown with a green border.


Clothes Combining Ticket

This item is used to combine 2 30-day clothing exchange tickets. It is not related whatsoever to the new Set clothing.

NPC Freya can combine 2 30-day exchange tickets into 1 ticket; all you need is two of the same 30 day clothes exchange tickets, and one Clothes Combining Ticket.

Put the 2 clothing exchange tickets, along with the combining ticket, into the designated slots, and Freya will combine them. The resulting combined exchange ticket ranges between 65 days to 300 days when you combine 2 tickets together. You are guaranteed at least 5 days extra for using this extra ticket combining system.


Clubs vary greatly in the distance they hit. The good quality clubs are only available in periodic box sales or in the auction house. Clubs can have the following attributes:

Fitting slots
This is the maximum number of successful fittings that can be applied to the club
Gems can be equipped to club sockets. (Note that Clothes sockets take Pins, not Gems.) Gems provide extra stats, but only when using the club on which the Gem is equipped.
EXP bonus for putters
Various putters offer an EXP bonus. The bonus varies from 5% to 60% (Gaia putter).

The most important factor for distance is the basic type of club. For example, CTL or Hybrid irons are far longer than Hurricane or Tempest irons.

Below are a couple of examples of club information displayed when you mouseover a club's icon.




(1) Indicates that the club is non-repairable. It will be removed after 1000 shots.

(2) Indicates that this club has 8 total fitting slots and none are used (0 out of 8 used).

(3) Specifies that this club has a socket. A Gem can be fitted to a club socket.




(1) Indicates that the club is repairable. You have a maximum of 500 shots before it needs to be repaired and it will cost 10 million NG to repair it, if all 500 shots are used. (Note that you can go to NPC Clelic for repair at any time and need not wait until all 500 shots have been used. The repair cost is proportional to the number of shots used.)

(2) Indicates that this club had 8 default slots and 5 more were added using Fitting Plus tickets. It also indicates that all 13 of the slots have been used, either by successful or unsuccessful fitting tickets.

(3) Here we see the successful fitting attempts. The club has 1 extra Power fitted, 1 extra Impact, and 9 extra Skill, for a total of 11 successful fittings. There are 2 unused fitting slots that could be recovered using a Recovery Ticket. Once recovered, you could attempt two more fitting tickets.

Reinforceable Clubs (Blast, Frost, and Skuld)

There are currently 3 types of clubs that are reinforceable: Blast, Frost, and Skuld. All the reinforceable clubs are clones of other clubs, as detailed in this list:

  • Blast
    • Woods: Typhoon 10°, Typhoon 3w Blue 14.5°, Typhoon 5w Blue 17.5°
    • Irons: Hybrid
    • Wedges: Tempest
  • Frost
    • Woods: Typhoon 11°, Typhoon 3w Red 15.5°, Typhoon 5w Red 18.5°
  • Skuld
    • Wedges: Werdandi

Reinforcing clubs requires Reinforcement Tickets
To activate any of the extra bonuses that these clubs offer, you must reinforce them using reinforcement ticket(s). Reinforcement is similar to club fitting and is performed at NPC Clelic. When you use a Reinforcement Ticket, you will get 1 of 4 reinforcement results for the club:

Novice Also known as "Normal"
Average Also known as "Middle"
Expert Also knows as "Advanced".

You can try more than once to reinforce the club, but you may end up with a worse result. Clubs that are reinforced show a bright border around their icon.

The level of reinforcement determines the benefits you receive form the club. Here is a table of these individual (single club) benefits:

Novice Skill +1 on the club (EXP +1% if it is a putter)
Average Skill +2 or EXP +2%
Expert Skill +3 or EXP +3%
Masterpiece Skill +5 or EXP +5%

Reinforced Club Set Benefits

To receive club Set Benefits, you must equip 3 or more reinforced clubs.

3 clubs equipped Skill +2, EXP +5%
4 clubs equipped Skill +2, EXP +5%
5 clubs equipped Skill +2, EXP +5% + All clubs will receive putter bonus EXP
6 clubs equipped Skill +3, EXP +5%
7 clubs equipped Skill +3, EXP +5%
8 clubs equipped Skill +3, EXP +5%

These benefits accumulate. So, for example, if you equip 5 reinforced clubs of any type, you would receive the total bonuses for 3, 4, and 5, which equals:
Skill +6, EXP +15%, and chip-in putter bonus

Cub Recycling

You can trade-in old clubs at NPC Salvador using the Club recycling menu option.

When you recycle a club u will receive fitting tickets and a Recycle Box, which may be opened to receive a prize such as a Pin or Gem. You receive fitting tickets for all of the fittings that ere successfully applied to the club. The recycling system will not return any Gem that is applied to the club.

If you recycle a club with no fittings applied, you receive only a Recycle Box.

Only Repairable, Tradeable clubs that were not bought from NPC Salvador's store may be used with this system. Non-Repairable and Non-Tradeable clubs or clubs gained from the NPC Salvador store cannot be used.

NOTE: Currently there are some clubs that cannot recycle, even though they are not purchased from the NPC Salvador store. They include the Antique series (pathos and luna, etc), Werdandi, and other clubs that have a level restriction on them.

You also may receive a Fitting Perfection ticket for Power, Skill, or Impact, depending on the number of fittings on the club.

# of fittings Fitting Perfection Result
Less than 6 no chance at Fitting Perfection
6-9 fittings only a random chance at a Fitting Perfection Ticket
10 or more Guaranteed to receive 1 Fitting Perfection and possibly 2

Club Repair Ticket

This ticket restores a repairable club to its full durability. Repairable clubs have a durability. Each shot on a club reduces its durability by 1. To restore a club to full durability, you need to repair it. This is done at NPC Clelic. Often, a club's repair cost is so high that it is cheaper to use a Club Repair Ticket at NPC Clelic.



Costumes add stats and also increase your moving speed when in the square. Different costumes provide either +3 or +4 Skill stats. Costumes have a per-hole durability and typical durabilities are 1,000 and 2,000.

To equip a Costume:

  • bring up your Status window
  • click on the tab that says Costume
  • drag a Costume from your inventory to the slot on the left side of the Costume tab

Diamond Gems

This is a type of Gem that can be used to extend a club durability. It is used a non-repairable club to avoid using the underlying durability of a club. In effect, Diamond Gems can make a non-repairable club become a repairable club, at the cost of not using the club's socket to add a stat or EXP Gem.

Like other Gems, it can be fitted only to a club that has a socket (typically the 'G' versions of clubs).


Drinks may be used only while playing. To use a drink, you right-click on it in your inventory.

Fatigue Drinks
These reduce fatigue and are purchased from NPC Meriel.
Stat Drinks
There are various levels of drinks for each of the 4 types of stats. You can take a drink once per shot only, to gain the extra stats for that shot. The types of drinks are Odin (for skill stat), Thor (for power stat), Loki (for impact stat), and Vidar (for stamina stat). The A level (e.g., Odin A) provides +6 stats per drink. The B level provides +7 stats per drink. The G level of drinks provides +8 stats.
EXP Drinks
There are many types of Ambrosia drinks, such as +5% EXP, +10% EXP, and +15% EXP. Ambrosia drinks give the EXP bonus if you take the drink and then sink the shot. Ambrosia drinks can be used only once per hole. If you take the drink and then miss the shot, you cannot then take another drink for the next shot attempt.

Equipping Items During Play

All of the following items can be equipped while playing:

  • Balls — only after the balls in use are used up
  • Zodiac — only if there is a free slot compatible with a zodiac
  • Mageia — only if there is a free slot compatible with an EXP item
  • Theurgia — only if there is a free slot compatible with an EXP item
  • Swing trainer
  • Elgin Marbles
  • Fast Forward Ticket — only if the Fast Forward slot is free
  • Pins — on any piece of clothing with a free socket
  • Wristbands

EXP Items (full list)

Here is a list of all the items that may be used to provide EXP bonus. Most are documented elsewhere in this FAQ.

  • membership
  • mageia or goeteia
  • theurgia
  • EXP ball
  • EXP putter
  • EXP gems for putter with socket
  • swing trainer
  • ambrosia drink
  • combined clothing sets
  • magos (only for solo play)
  • wristbands

How EXP is calculated

1. All EXP bonus multipliers are applied one after the other.
2. Multiplication is commutative. The order does not matter.

So, to know your EXP, all you have to do is start with the base amount of EXP for the hole and score (e.g., birdie) and apply all the bonus multipliers you are wearing.

Let's assume you are wearing a Theurgia P20, a Mageia N3, and a Clymene 30% putter equipped with a 20% Prometheus Gem. Let's assume that a normal birdie gives 10,000 EXP. Here is how that 10,000 would grow:

10,000 EXP x 1.2 = 12,000 (for Theurgia P20)
12,000 EXP x 3 = 36,000 (for Mageia N3)
36,000 EXP x 1.3 = 46,800 (for Clymene putter)
46,800 EXP x 1.2 = 56,160 (for Prometheus Gem)

The order of the multiplication is not important. The game simply multiplies by one of the multipliers you are using, then takes that new total, multiplies by the next, and so on.

Fast Forward Tickets

There are two types:

Fast Forward Ticket I
Allows players to speed up the ball flight while rounding. Ball flight speed is increased by 1.3x for Woods, Iron sets and Putter, and 1.2x for Wedge clubs.
Fast Forward Ticket II
Ball flight speed is increased by 1.6x for Woods, Iron sets and Putter, and 1.5x for Wedge clubs.

Fitting Tickets

Fitting tickets are used to attempt to increase the stats on a club. A fitting attempt may or may not work. As a club has more fittings succeed, it becomes increasingly hard to get further attempts to succeed. It is not uncommon to use 20 or 30 tickets to get 8 tickets to succeed.

There are fitting tickets for all of the different stat types - Power, Skill, Impact, Stamina.

You can use any type of fitting ticket on a club if the club has 1 or more fittings slots available. A club fitting slot is used every time you attempt a fitting, whether or not it is successful. Once all slots are used, you must use a Recovery Ticket to free up unsuccessful attempts. For example, let us assume that a new club shows that it has 8 free fitting slots (shows Fitting 0/8). You use 8 tickets and only 4 succeed. At this point, all of the slots have been used (shows Fitting 8/8). You would need to use a Recovery Ticket to free up the 4 unsuccessful slots. After using the Recovery Ticket, it will show Fitting 4/8 and you can then try 4 more Fitting Tickets.

There are many types of tickets used in the fitting process…

Fitting Ticket - Power, Fitting Ticket - Skill, Fitting Ticket - Impact, Fitting Ticket - Stamina
Use to attempt to add 1 stat of the specific type to a club.
Recovery Ticket
Used to free up slots used by unsuccessful attempts (see above).
Fitting Reset Ticket Power, Fitting Reset Ticket Skill, Fitting Reset Ticket Impact, Fitting Reset Ticket Stamina
Caution: These tickets remove success fittings from a club. These are rarely used.
Fitting Ticket - Power Perfection, Fitting Ticket - Skill Perfection, Fitting Ticket - Impact Perfection, Fitting Ticket - Stamina Perfection
These tickets are guaranteed to succeed and fit 1 extra stat to a club. To be used, there must be at least 1 free fitting slot. This type of fitting tickets come only from box sales and costs hundreds of millions from the auction house.
Fitting Ticket - Power Perfection Plus, Fitting Ticket - Skill Perfection Plus, Fitting Ticket - Impact Perfection Plus, Fitting Ticket - Stamina Perfection Plus
These tickets fit all remaining free slots on a club. This type of ticket is rare and come only from box sales. In the auction, these tickets can cost one or two billion.


A Gem can be equipped only on a club that has a socket. Depending on the type, Gems provide extra stats, extra EXP bonus, or extra durability (see Diamond Gems sections). The durability of a Gem is decreased only when you take a shot or a put with the club that is equipped with the Gem.

There are many types of Gems offering many different levels of stats or EXP bonuses and they come in a variety of durabilities, such as 100 shot, 500 shot, 1000 shot, and 2000 shot.

Two examples of Gems:

  • The Clymene Gem adds a 30% EXP bonus when a ball is shot into the hole when using the club. This would be fitted to a putter with a socket.
  • The Odin Gem adds +2 Skill to a club. This applies only when hitting that club and is equivalent to fitting the club with 2 successful Skill fittings.

To equip a Gem on a club, you right click on a club that has a free socket. You then drag a Gem from your inventory into the displayed socket slot.

Item Slots (Status Window)

There are 3 types of item slots for equipping extra items. Here is an image of a high-level, Gold Platinum membership Status Window, showing the available slots and which items may be equipped to each type of slot:


The Status Window shown has the extra Gold Platinum slot and 2 extra slots gained via quests — the Professional's Condition I quest for Level 102 unlocks the EXP slot and Professional's Condition II quest for Level 104 unlocks the General extra Item slot.

Mageias and Goeteias

Mageias and Goeteias are EXP and/or NG multiplers. You can not wear a Mageia and a Goeteia at the same time. There are the following basic types…

Provides 2x EXP bonus. These are the original Mageias and they are still available from the SO item mall, they cannot be used by Gold memberships users.
Mageia Plus
Provides varying levels of EXP bonus and can be used by any players. Examples are:
  • Mageia Plus N2 = 2x EXP
  • Mageia Plus N5 = 5x EXP
These provide both EXP and NG bonuses and come in many different types. They can be used by any players. Note that only the Goeteia Plus (see below) can be used with a Cyma. Examples are:
  • Goeteia I 1 = 1.5x EXP and 2x NG
  • Goeteia II 2 = 2x EXP and 3x NG
  • Goeteia II 4 = 3x EXP and 3x NG
  • Goeteia II 5 = 5x EXP and 3x NG
Goeteia Plus
These are like Goeteias, but they may be stacked with a Cyma for extra NG bonus. Examples are:
  • Goeteia Plus 1 - 1.5x EXP and 2xNG
  • Goeteia Plus 3 - 2.5x EXP and 2xNG
  • Goeteia Plus 5 - 5x EXP and 2xNG

Note that the Goeteia Plus is the only item that can be stacked (meaning: to multiply) with a Cyma to increase NG return.

Mageia Plus N Combining

With the Mageia Plus N combination system, you can attempt to combine two identical, full durability Mageia N series items to get an improved (higher EXP bonus) Mageia N.

The system as of now supports the combination of Mageia N 1.5 and Mageia N 2.0 Items for a chance to recieve an upgraded item!

Here's how it works:

  1. You need 2 identical Mageia Plus N series Mageias that you would like to combine. These must be Mageia that:
    • have not been successfuly combined before
    • have not been used (are full durability)
    • are identical Mageia Plus N items (the type, as well as the durabillity must match)
  2. Go to NPC Clelic and choose "Combine Mageia Plus N Series"
  3. Place your Mageia and any Success and/or Warranty ticket in the slots provided
  4. Click the Combine button

Without a Warranty Ticket, there is a chance that the combining could fail, resulting in the loss of one of your Mageias! See also Warranty and Success Tickets.

Note that there are also special combining events now and then, usually through NPC Belita, where there is no chance to lose a Mageia and no need to use a Success or Warranty ticket. During these special events, 2 Mageia Plus N of the same type are upgraded to 1 Mageia Plus N of the next highest type. This differs from the normal Mageia Plus N combination system which can result in a Mageia upgrade beyond the next highest level.


The Magos is used only when playing solo. It provides increased EXP. A Magos E2.0 provides 2x EXP while playing solo, an E2.5 provides 2.5x EXP, and so forth. It can be used with (stacked with) other EXP items, such as Mageia, Goeteia, and Theurgia.

Most players use the Magos to play solo mastery rounds.


Elgin Marbles are used to receive more guild house coupons when completing a round of 18 holes on a course that has a Guild House.


Two types of memberships are available:

Gold Platinum
offering 3x EXP and 2X NG, as well as other benefits and items
Gold Plus
offering 2x EXP and 2X NG, as well as other benefits and items

Memberships are available only from the Item Mall. However, they can be gifted, so it is not uncommon to see buying and selling of memberships being done in the square. (You should use a mediator for such large transactions, as many people seeking to buy memberships have been scammed.)

Memberships are available for 1 month duration or, in the case of Gold Platinum, there is also a 3 month membership available.

Buying a 2nd (future) membership:
You can purchase, or be gifted, a membership while you have an active membership, as long as your active membership is within 10 days of expiration. If you purchase or are gifted such a 2nd membership, it will show on the Sever Selection screen, listed underneath your active membership. The 2nd membership becomes active immediately upon the expiration of your active membership. You receive the items that come along with a membership only when it becomes the new active membership.

Links to more information on membership benefits:
Gold Platinum Membership benefits
Gold Plus Membership benefits

Error buying memberships: The most common problem is that you are attempting to buy a 2nd membership when your active membership is not within 10 days of expiry.

Mulligan Cards

A Mulligan Card allows you to cancel and retry a shot that goes out of bounds (OB) or into a water hazard. After going OB or into the water, you are prompted as to whether or not you want to use a mulligan. A card's durability is decreased by 1 for each use.

Once you have used the Mulligan Card on a hole, you can not use it again (you will not be prompted to use it).


These provide 2x guild point bonus and are used to help level your guild. You equip them in the same spot as you would a Zodiac.

(Note that this is different than coupons, which are used to level your guild house.)


Pins can be equipped only on clothing that has a socket. Pins provide extra stats. The durability of all Pins is decreased for every shot and put you take with all clubs, so they are consumed very quickly. There are many types of Pins and they come in a variety of durabilities, such as 100 shot, 500 shot, 1000 shot, and 2000 shot.

To equip a Pin (to attach it to a piece of clothing for use), you right click on a clothing item that has a free socket. You then drag a Pin from your inventory into the displayed socket slot.

Pins can also be equipped during game play. To do so, right-click a clothing item with a free socket, the right-click a Pin from your inventory to equip the Pin to that piece of clothing.

Retry Tickets

There are two types: the SP Retry Ticket can be used to cancel your recent Semi-Pro test score, allowing you to retake the test. The TP Retry Ticket allows you to retry the Tour-Pro test.

Stat Adjustment Items

Fedora A100
Moves up to 100 stats from each assigned stat (i.e., Power, Impact, …) and makes them available for redistribution. This item may be used only if you have not set your stats below the base level for your character type (using the Fedora A100 Plus). The base level stats for each character type are listed here:
Haoma I and II
Moves 1 or 2 stats from each assigned stat (i.e., Power, Impact, …) and makes them available for redistribution. This item may be used only if you have not set your stats below the base level for your character type (using the Fedora A100 Plus).
Fedora A100 Plus
Special item that will reset all stats to 1. After using this item, you will not be able to use regular Fedora A100 and Haoma. In order to reset their stats again, they must use Fedora A100 Plus or a Magicos.
An item that can be used to adjust one particular stat. It may be used after you have used the Fedora A100 Plus. If you have not set any of your stats below the base level for your character type (e.g., Belzebuit), then you would not need to use a Magicos.

Swing Trainers

Swing Trainers provide an EXP bonus for a limited number of hours, from 1 to 3 hours and offer different EXP bonus level such as 5%, 10%, and 15%.

Swing trainers also add extra stats, so there are version for Power, Impact, Skill, and Stamina.

To use a Swing Trainer, simply right-click it while it is in your inventory. Players normally activate the swing trainer on the first hole of a game.

While a Swing Trainer is active, a little icon shows at the bottom of the screen. It displays how much time is left on the Swing Trainer.


Theurgia items add varying levels of EXP bonus and can be used with Mageia or Goeteia items to give extra EXP bonus. Theurgia bonus levels vary from the P05 type (5% extra EXP), up to the P50 type (50% extra EXP).

Theurgia Combining

This is very similar to Mageia combining. It is also done through NPC Clelic via the "Combine Theurgia P Series" menu item.

See Mageia Plus N Combining for more information.

Wallet and Bag Inventory Extension


Inventory extension provides more space to store items in your inventory for a limited amount of time (e.g., 1 month). More importantly for most players, it opens a single new inventory slot for an "Accessory". An Accessory adds stats. There are two types of inventory extension tickets:

Wallet Exchange Ticket
Allows players to gain an extra 9 slots and 1 Accessory slot. The item is used by right clicking the item Ticket while in the square with it in your inventory. Items can be placed in the Wallet by clicking the icon provided (shown in the image below) and moving items from your inventory to the new spaces provided inside the bag.
Bag Exchange Ticket
Allows players to gain an extra 15 inventory slots and 1 Accessory slot. The item usage is the same as the Wallet.

Warranty and Success Tickets

A Warranty Ticket protects you from the loss of one of the two items used when attempting to upgrade a Mageia or Theurgia through "combining".

A Success Ticket improves the chances of a better outcome (a more desirable item) when comining 2 Mageia or 2 Theurgia.

See Mageia Plus N Combining for more information on upgrading through combining.

There are many types of Warranty and Success tickets— one for each of the possible Mageia and Theurgia types that can be combined. For example, if you want to use a Warranty ticket on an attempt to combine 2 Theurgia P20 items, you will need the specific warranty ticket named "Warranty Ticket P20".



Wristbands is a clothing item that provides one or more of the following benefits: stats, bonus EXP, bonus NG, Practice Density, and/or Socket(s). You can equip a single Wristband to the special Wristband-only slot.


Wristbands can have the following characteristics:
1. Bonus EXP : 5% EXP, 10% EXP, or 15% EXP
2. Bonus NG : 5% NG, 10% NG, 15% NG or 20% NG
3. Socket(s) : 0, 1 or 2 sockets
4. Base Stats : +2 Power, Impact, Stamina or Skill or +3 Power, Impact, Stamina or Skill
5. No extra P. Density or UV type having +1 P. Density

Wristbands have a per-hole durability.
Wristband sockets take Pins only, not Gems.


Zodiacs provide extra stats and have limited, per-hole durability.

Almost all Zodiacs come from boxes and most are always available in the auction house. There are many types of Zodiacs, including:

  • Zodiac Plus - provides +4 all stats
  • Drei - provides +3 all stats
  • Zodiac - the plain Zodiac provides +2 all stats
  • Libra, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, Aires, Virgo - provides +8 stats (+4 to 2 different stats)
  • Capricornus, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus - provides +6 to one specific stat

Odelia and Cleo

The Odelia and Cleo are special unlimited durability Zodiacs that can be acquired after level 101. These special zodiacs can be upgraded through quests to provide more stats.

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